Hello world!horhormonhormonehormone

So well this is my very first blog …..a little nervous . blogging to me was just stupid I mean ignore my ignorance but really who would want to waste their time writing when they could do much better things ? But it’s  not until now that I realised that this is important it’s actually a getaway from life a place  where you can be anything  you can do anything cause honey this place is your own little paradise and nobody can steal that from you. so the reason for this blog as you already might have guessed from the title is about my messed up teenage life not to interesting maybe but it’s still mine . As as a teenager you start maturing and thinking that you own the world you make the rules but that’s not how it works….. so first things first about me : i am a messed up teenage girl who’s life is such a blur that she had to resort to blogging ( just kidding :p) I live with my mom and my big brother and all was well until I grew up and realised that outside my little dreamworld our lives were falling apart…… so today my mom came home from work and we following the schedule started talking about how our day went when suddenly we got in a fight I’m not really sure what it was about cause I really can’t stay angry at her for more than 5 minutes but there is one thing that ticks me off every time is that everyday she comes home and takes out all her anger from work on me but hey I’m completely fine with it I mean I know she  works hard and that she has to deal with jerks all through the day so I understand but today instead of compromising the situation she started screaming at me so I got really mad and went up to my room and and stayed there for seven hours before I came downstairs to say I was sorry , but then I realised that hey she isn’t mad with me cause of the fight but she’s mad at me for something else and as I realised it I broke down . She was mad at me cause I didn’t talk to her for seven hours and then she told me whatever happens we should not stop talking to each other cause she really loves me and she can’t miss seven essential hours of my life cause of some stupid fight ! I cried cause when she said it I realised that you never know what will happen tomorrow and life is too short to miss even a single second from the lives of your loved ones , I realised I had wasted seven hours ,SEVEN HOURS which I could have spent with my lovely mother : )

. Love you mom


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